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Premium Public Speaking

The most comprehensive Public Speaking Programme anywhere!

This 2 day intensive programme covers every aspect of Public Speaking from a 2 minute introduction speech to dealing with hostile audiences and radio and TV interviews.

Perhaps you are already a company Director, Senior Manager or aspiring Manager and, although highly skilled in your own area, you've never really felt comfortable presenting to large audiences or dealing with radio and TV. Are you prepared for facing the media in a crisis? If you want to be seen to be at the top of your game this fully interactive and comprehensive programme will be invaluable.

Just some of the topics covered:

  • How to never be lost for words when you're asked to Introduce yourself
  • Giving effective Briefings
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • How colours affect the way your message is received
  • How simple Body Language changes can dramatically make or break your presentation
  • Secrets of influence that the world's top orators use
  • Persuasion Techniques
  • Using 'Hypnotic' Language
  • Changing your style to match your audience
  • Handling hostile audiences and hecklers
  • Delivering bad news in a positive way.
  • Press conferences and the media
  • Radio Interviews
  • Facing the TV cameras with confidence.

Facing The Media

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