As a former member of Liverpool band The Herbs (Albums: 'These Are The Days My Friend', 'Watching The World', Singles: 'Jane', 'Could Have Been Mine', 'For Someone Dear') David A Laing was one of the principle composers. Together with fellow band member Ian M Lindsay he caught the attention of The Northern Song Project which led to several his songs also being used in songwriting classes at LIPA.

David A Laing's  brilliant music spans the entire musical spectrum of genre. He has written singles for a number of bands including The Lime Trees, The Sametimes and The Tomorrows. His first solo album. 'MOUTH' was released in January 2016 with the single 'Something to Get My Teeth Into'. A single 'Taken’ was released in 2020 and a second album 'A Foal's Errand' in 2021.

His third and most recent album 'Being Of Sound Mind' was released in July 2021 with the singles 'Love' and 'The Rainbow' which were championed by the radio station Liverpool Live 247.

As a songwriter he writes very quickly. The single ‘Taken’ was written in less than 15 minutes and recorded in a little over an hour after. He says “I often hear the complete finished song in my head before I even commit it to paper. I get the whole lot in one go – music, lyrics and arrangement. I can hear it in my head as if It’s the actual record playing. It makes things a lot easier to record too because I already know how it sounds."