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Dave Laing Associates provide a unique training experience. Our aim is to provide skills that an individual can use to empower themselves - not just in the short term but for life!

By helping people to remove negative feelings, mental blocks, hang-ups, fears and habits that hold them back, preventing them from achieving their goals we can then instil skills to enable them to move toward becoming the person they want to be. We firmly believe in providing highly effective training and our clients and attendees have told us that's what we give.

We provide quality training programmes for Public Speaking & Presentation, Assertiveness and Stress Management.. We also provide provide a quality Management Skills Programme for both people who are new to supervisory positions and managers who have been in post for some time, and are now looking to improve their practical skills.

In a corporate environment we have worked alongside some of the UK and Europe's top businesses from senior managers and directors to ancillary staff and helped them transform their people into confident, efficient, successful individuals and teams.

We are also proud to work with organisations assisting with rehabilitation and recovery from alcohol or recreational drugs addiction helping others back into the community.

Our team are all qualified teachers and have a background of many years of experience in the corporate sector at a senior level.

Contact us now to see how you and your organisation can benefit.

Dave Laing Associates Training Course

.Our highly successful and enjoyable Roadshows enable members of the public to lose long-standing fears, phobias and limiting beliefs in JUST A SINGLE DAY!

You and Your Future

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There's a saying: "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got and you'll always feel what you've always felt."

Right now you may be thinking "we've got our own internal training department, what do I need these people for?" And at one time you would probably have been right.

However, in a corporate setting, the vast majority of training is provided by people who were trained by their own internal trainers who were in turn trained by their internal predecessors who were... well you get the point!

This low budget and common approach means that nothing new or fresh is ever allowed to be brought into the mix. The original message becomes diluted and eventually irrelevant.

We've met so many organisations who continue to provide woefully inadequate internal training programmes that were introduced years ago and are now not fit for purpose. Our programmes are unique, cutting edge, tested and proven.

Remember "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." If what you're getting isn't good enough CONTACT US NOW.

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